Save the World. Treasure hunt city game in Barcelona

Become a hero and save the environment

The Earth Special Agency have discovered that a mysterious tycoon called “Ulrik Morgan” runs a double-sided private corporation. Publicly it is dedicated to the research and development on sustainable energies and technologies. But it’s been leaked that this corporation have a network of secret installations where is hiding toxic products with which they really make profits illegally.

Several informants from the Earth Special Agency have collected 4 parts of the map that will guide agents to the clandestine underground facilities. But they cannot be together in the city because of security reasons.

Participants will need to access the treasure-hunt game through their smartphones, find the informants hidden in the city, demonstrate their knowledge on energy & environment and unlock the clues to uncover their exact locations in the city to finally find the hidden facilities, unmask the bad guy and save the environment.

Game Time: 120m

Game Type: Treasure Hunt

Game Theme: Energy & the Environment


The event is promoted by the H2020 BEACONING project. BEACONING’s concept is to digitally enable play-learn in everyday spaces fostering cross-subject learning, facilitated by personalised gamified lesson plans where context-aware educational resources and ad-hoc learning in the surrounding environment can be triggered. BEACONING pragmatically addresses the needs of disabled learners, who are engaging with general education.

The event takes advantage of the geolocation technologies developed in the project to create a playful urban experience in which young citizens from all over the European continent participate in a collaborative location-based game on the same day and at the same time while discovering their city and learning STEM skills.