Treasure Hunt for STEAM

Second year high school students at “IES Martinez Uribarri” in Salamanca (Spain) have participated in a Treasure Hunt, as an end-of-year educational activity, created by their Technology teacher with the PlayVisit Studio Platform.


Technology professor Álvaro (@tecurribari) discovered the PlayVisit Studio Platform through a Tweet created by the Center for Resources and Teacher Training in Information and Communication Technologies of the Junta de Castilla y León.

His objective was to create an educational virtual tour around the facilities of the IES Martínez Uribarri educational center in Salamanca, in the Parque de la Alamedilla in Salamanca. In the virtual tour the students could review the contents of worked during the school year: history, science, physical education, language, mathematics, etc. of as an educational activity at the end of the digital course, motivating and playful.

The experience

The experience is a Treasure Hunt and has 7 Points of Interest (POI) in the facilities of the Alamedilla Park and in each of them a challenge is proposed to the students who must respond by demonstrating the knowledge acquired throughout the school year.

The students had 30 minutes to go through all the Points of Interest, solve the challenges and games set by the teacher and collect all the items in their inventory.


The Technology Professor at IES Martinez Uribarri de Salamanca reports the following results:

I have to tell you that I find it a very easy tool to use, with great results.
I wanted to do a final course activity with my 2nd year high school students who have been up for 2/3 weeks of exams, and when I saw @CRFPTIC’s comment, I decided to investigate. Other times I’ve done Scaperoom and the “scavenger hunt” seemed like a great option.
The manuals are simple and short, which I think is very important. The platform is very intuitive and the mobile interface attractive.
The tests I gave them were more of ingenuity than theory, and the students have really enjoyed it.
I am convinced that I will use the tool again.

Álvaro (Professor of Technology at IES Martinez Uribarri de Salamanca)

We love the statement from the Technology professor:

En manos de gente inquieta PlayVisit puede ser un arma de “construcción masiva”

Álvaro (Professor of Technology at IES Martinez Uribarri de Salamanca)

From PlayVisit we are delighted that our PlayVisit Studio platform adds value to the education sector to create motivating, participatory and fun digital activities!