Education use cases


Discover what teachers, professors, educational professionals in schools and other educational institutions are creating with PlayVisit technology.

Discovering Water and Environment at Bauhaus Weimar University

The University of Weimar organized an educational location-based game-based learning experience using PlayVisit STUDIO to discover different venues related to Water and Environment Management.
Several teachers from the University of Weimar created a geolocation game for teaching setting up a trial in September 2018 with 30-40 students. The game was between 1 and 1 hours of play and will move students around and look at buildings related to water management.

Palermo Educational City Challenge

The students of the Secondary School of the Liceo participated for the first time in the outdoor educational “Palermo – City Challenge”.

Treasure Hunt for STEAM

Second year high school students at “IES Martinez Uribarri” in Salamanca (Spain) have participated in a Treasure Hunt, as an end-of-year educational activity, created by their Technology teacher with the PlayVisit Studio Platform.

Among Go

an educational City Game for the last week of class where the videogame Among becomes “Among Go”. A motivating, surprising (my favorite word) educational activity as a review of what has been worked in this last quarter of the academic year.

Become a hero and save the environment

The Earth Special Agency have discovered that a mysterious tycoon called “Ulrik Morgan” runs a double-sided private corporation. Publicly it is dedicated to the research and development on sustainable energies and technologies. But it’s been leaked that this corporation have a network of secret installations where is hiding toxic products with which they really make profits illegally.

Participants will need to access the treasure-hunt game through their smartphones, find the informants hidden in the city, demonstrate their knowledge on energy & environment and unlock the clues to uncover their exact locations in the city to finally find the hidden facilities, unmask the bad guy and save the environment.