Tourism use cases


Discover what tour guides, tour directors, destinations and other players in the tourism industry are creating with PlayVisit technology.

FindMadrid PlayVisit STORE

Isabel Hernandez is an Official Guide Interpreter of Tourism in Madrid and surroundings, as well as National Heritage.
She has created her own PlayVisit STORE white label offering self-guided City Games to explore hidden places and read unusual stories from Madrid.

Crespi d’Adda PlayVisit STORE

Crespi d’Adda is an outstanding example of the 19th- and early 20th-century ‘company towns’ built in Europe and North America to meet the workers’ needs.
Since 1995 it has been on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites.
Now Cfrespi has created a PlayVisit STORE white label and is offering self-guided tours and city games to visitors to explore the destination

Camins i batalles

“Camins i Batalles” is a game creted with PlayVisit STUDIO to highlight the Military Tourist Heritage of the Camprodon Valley.
With PlayVisit technology, 3 gamified hiking itineraries have been designed based on stories to experience various military episodes in an informative way. This games are created for all audiences: family, schools and adults. 

El Met de Ribes

An interactive gamified tour created with PlayVisit STUDIO to discover the river heritage of Ribes de Freser based on the fable of the “Met de Ribes”. 
A proposal for family tourism, raised from storytelling, gamification and transmedia with 12 figures of the Met scattered throughout the municipality and a playful proposal of discovery with an interactive gymkhana.


Mobile game created with PlayVisit STUDIO that allow tourists visit Carolingian locations in Catalonia in a funny way throug self-guided tours and city games. They can find challenges, rewards and 360° images of the most emblematic places of the time.

Vestigis d’Olèrdola

5 self-guided games created with PlayVisit STUDIO that go through areas of interest in Olèrdola (Catalunya), the game invites you to solve puzzles and pass small tests that allow you to get rewards.
The games are designed to be enjoyed with the family, with a duration of two hours the longest. All can be done on foot and one is suitable for cycling.


Using PlayVisit STUDIO, the municipal administration celebrates World Game Day in 2021, organizing a treasure hunt in the streets of the historic center of Udine for Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 May to discover the places of Tiepolo (but not only). Like any treasure hunt, to reach the final goal it will be necessary to solve riddles and puzzles.

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