In PlayVisit we have unlocked another city: MADRID

In PlayVisit we have unlocked another city: MADRID

A new way to explore Madrid is now available. The Spanish capital now has 4 self-guided walking tours for different audiences to discover the city by playing while deciphering challenges and enigmas during the walking tours. This new experience is designed by the new Local Partner, official guide and storyteller from Madrid, Isabel at #FindMadrid.

The following tours are already on sale:

Madrid of contrasts

This is what Madrid is all about: a constant fusion.

Starting in the Plaza Mayor to learn about its evolution and from there we will go through squares, streets (including aerial accidents) and corners that will allow us to see how the modern and the old go hand in hand.

We will make leaps in time to end up in the sixties and cosmopolitan Madrid and some of the most emblematic buildings of the Gran Vía in its most modern version until we reach the 1920s.

In short, this is the proposal I make to you in MADRID OF CONTRASTS.

Republican and wartime Madrid

A journey through some of the scenes of our city’s most recent history. The starting point will be the National Palace, which is no longer the Royal Palace as Alfonso XIII left the city after the proclamation of the Second Republic. You will discover where the only street lamp and the only Republican coat of arms left in Madrid are and learn to recognise them.

We will go round the darker side of the “CHEKAS”, that of propaganda through the cinema and the media, as well as the radio, which, depending on which side you were on, the news had one reading or another. We will reveal how the people of Madrid ate, or rather “ate badly”: “the omelette without eggs” and other dishes based more on the imagination than on culinary skills, the result of a city with a shortage of food.

Our tour will end with the event of 19 May 1939 in Madrid.

Belle Époque in Madrid

Discover the Madrid of the Belle Époque, the epicentre of the literary discussions and meetings of the most famous writers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Talents such as Benito Pérez Galdós, Valle Inclán, Gómez de la Serna… and the literary gatherings were among the liveliest. But there were not only gatherings, the cuplé also arrived and caused a certain scandal.

The first automobiles circulated, the first trams arrived at Puerta del Sol, which would connect it with the emerging Barrio de Salamanca. And the Madrid casino opened its doors. This was the period when cinema began to make its debut, still in black and white and silent.

Art, fashion, cinema… a very special period in which Madrid played an important role. Follow the clues to discover all the secrets of the Belle Époque.

The Talismana Frog

Alfredo the Frog asks us to help Julia find the Talisman Frog. Julia has come a long way to find the Talisman Frog. This frog is famous for its powers. It brings fortune and luck to those who see it and are close to it. Julia has arrived in Madrid by train and from there we will start our adventure.

A gnome has come out to meet her and has given her some wise advice. We follow in his footsteps, but on our way we will have to overcome some obstacles. A very merry witch has enchanted the palace garden, but the danger will soon pass. In the palace lives with her parents a little girl who is a princess and who will become our friend.

When we leave the palace grounds we will meet another family, but now with very divine characters who will give us tools, gifts… and so on until we reach the meeting with the Talisman Frog.

If you follow all the clues and overcome the challenges, you will reach the finish line with many rewards and you will have had a lot of fun.

To book these exciting self-guided tours and discover the secret gems of Madrid designed by our storyteller, click on this link:

Don’t forget to bring your mobile phone with battery and headphones before you start this fun adventure. Take your time, you can pause the tour when you need to and enjoy the points of interest.

Let’s Play!

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