Virtual experiences come to e-commerce giant Amazon

Virtual experiences come to e-commerce giant Amazon

Amazon’s entry into the virtual experience business is one of the examples of the interest in new technologies in the sector that give rise to new digital tourism formats.

The travel sector is going through one of its worst years, and according to the World Tourism Organization, it will not recover until the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022.

Faced with these data and future prospects, most tourism companies are reinventing their businesses, and taking advantage of the tourist break to transform their products into digital ones, and betting on products that offer the possibility of a self-guided tours such as PlayVisit or totally virtual experiences such as Amazon.

The e-commerce giant Amazon is the latest company to join this technological movement to offer virtual routes.

Changing tourism habits

The way we travel and the type of experiences have been changing over time, the pandemic has accelerated what was already happening before.


The activity tour market is in the midst of a transformation. During 2020, its turnover has been reduced by 90% due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, which limits mobility and makes it necessary to avoid large groups, limiting them to groups of people living together.

Furthermore, this transformation is a consequence of changes in the habits of tour consumers. They are increasingly seeking independence and autonomy and digital experiences that can be enjoyed at their own pace when visiting a destination. This has led many companies to reinvent themselves or go digital.

How these virtual tours work

Amazon Explore works through live video, with local guides, instructors and even personal shoppers offering one-on-one sessions in which only the host has the camera activated, but what is most innovative is that both microphones work so that the customer can ask questions live. Other options include shopping in shops and boutiques around the world or even learning how to do-it-yourself.


A series of experiences with guides from all over the world without leaving your sofa at home, lasting between 30 and 60 minutes, currently only available in English.

Moreover, this session costs between 10 and 200 dollars depending on the product and experience.

Amazon explore allows local experts to bring other cultures into their customers’ homes without leaving home. There are more than 250 experiences in 20 geographic locations and seven different categories.

The most popular experiences so far are the following: Culture & Sights, Local Food, Nature and Outdoor Activities.

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