Month: December 2020

PlayVisit Talks #3 – The Renaissance of Tourism with Fernando Gallardo

🚀 Third episode of the PLAYVISIT TALKS.On this occasion, we spoke with Fernando Gallardo about the “Renaissance of Tourism” and about the future prospects of the tours and activities market thanks to digitalization technologies and processes. 📘 Fernando Gallardo is a journalist, writer, lecturer and analyst of trends and new concepts in tourism. He began…
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PlayVisit Talks S01E02 – Gamification & Storytelling in Digital Tourism

Tourists’ expectations for experiences have increased incredibly high with such a variety of options of what to visit. It is becoming more and more challenging for tour guides, tour operators, museums and destination management companies to keep on attracting, engaging and entertaining visitors. Gamification is the application of game-design elements and game principles in non-game…
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