5 conclusions of the Digital Tourist Congress 2020

5 conclusions of the Digital Tourist Congress 2020

On 15 and 16 October we had the opportunity to attend virtually the Digital Tourist congress organized by AMETIC. The event stands out as the national reference as meeting place of intelligent tourism destination manager (DTI), both from public administrations and private entities dedicated to the digital transformation of the sector.

The congress opened by the Spanish Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, highlighted the following:

“The event is an excellent opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences from different perspectives, contributing to make our tourist destinations more resilient and sustainable”

Pedro Mier, President of AMETIC, spoke about the importance of placing intelligent tourist destinations as the main protagonists of the recovery.

In this regard, we can say that the congress covered 5 main axes:

  1. ”Intensive use of data base”

Given the current situation, the intensive use of data based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence tools will be a key tool to prevent and analyse continuous data.

In order to boost the capacity to reactivate tourism activity through actions using data, Maroto has created the Tourism Data Viewer, a new site for the use of Spanish Tourism data, from which it will be possible to access tourism data from public and private entities.

  • “New touristic model”

Enrique Martínez Marín, president of Segittur(link), said the following:

It is time for the tourism companies’ network to take advantage of the window that European Union is opening for us to promote the development of the industry’s digitalisation.

Within this framework, the new model of tourism companies must integrate into their strategy digitalization, sustainability and security.

  • “Resilient tourist destinations”

The success of the Intelligent Tourist Destinations (red DTI) model proposed by the Secretary of Tourism has aroused the interest of many destinations. The role of technology is one of the keys to the development of the destination and the integration of the visitor in their environment.

Resilient tourist destinations will be those that promote ICT as fundamental in their strategy for digital transformation, providing value to today’s society in a particular context.

4. “Time to analyse”

In order to act as resilient destinations, it is a key to analyse and diagnose our data to take advantage of this pause to intervene and promote a new strategy that adapts to the framework of the current context, and therefore, give a value to our new proposal as a tourist destination.

 5.“Machine learning, Deep learning”

Different technologies are being studied to be applied in the post-covid era, among them algorithms, machine learning, deep learning and chat bots.

Likewise, from PlayVisit we would like to congratulate AMETIC, for organising this event, which was so necessary in the current context for helping to transform tourist destinations and touristic companies into benchmarks in the sector.

A decisive period lies ahead for tourism companies, in which they can take advantage of this “pause”, create opportunities to grow and develop digitally.

If you are one of these companies that want to take advantage of the tourism revolution and create new experiences, let us invite to try out PlayVisit Studio.